How to Choose The Right Self-adhesive Paper? What Are The Choices? May 12th, 2019   [viewed 6 times]

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When companies use self-adhesive labels, they often don't know how to choose the size of the paper. From the time of selecting the paper to the final size, it always wastes a lot of time. Then, let's introduce how to choose not. The three steps of the dry adhesive label, I hope to help everyone:

1. Select material: Select the appropriate material according to the place where the label paper is used. If the requirement is not high, only need to stick the price or product information on the product, you can choose the copper paper, such as supermarket, logistics, manufacturing, etc. The enterprise, if it is electrical and electronic products, the electrical parameters marked on the label, etc., generally use the silver dragon, if you are not sure, the choice of materials can consult the manufacturer.

2. Select the size of the label: according to the content of the printed content, font size, to determine the size of the printed label paper, some companies will have some other requirements, such as the corner will be made elliptical, there is a gap between the label paper, etc.

3. Select the core: If the paper size and model are determined, then select the volume of each roll. The different barcode printers may require different diameters of the label roll and the label roll. The core is usually 3 inches. 1 inch, 0.5 inches, the diameter of the label roll will determine how to install the label paper.

In general, the choice of self-adhesive label paper is to consider the material, size, core, and sometimes the design of the label.